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Bark Bay Slough - Herbster, WI

Bark Bay Slough - Herbster, WI

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Bark Bay Slough consists of a coastal barrier spit, lagoon, springs, and wetlands occupying an embayment between two rocky headlands along Lake Superior. The wetlands are extensive and include two major types: coastal fen and coastal bog.

The sandy, 2-mile long barrier spit contains red pine and white pine with an understory of blueberry, bearberry, alder, sweet gale, and beach grasses. A large lagoon occupies the center of the site and supports submergent and floating-leaved aquatic plants.

Birds present during the breeding season include bald eagle, sandhill crane, Brewer's blackbird, and American bittern. Substantial numbers of migrating shorebirds make use of the property. Bark Bay Slough is owned by the DNR and was designated a State Natural Area in 1977.


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