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Mill the Four Winds "De Vier Winden"

Mill the Four Winds "De Vier Winden"

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De Vier Winden is the name of a round stone grist mill in Monster in South Holland. The current flour mill was built in 1882 to replace a burned-out wooden mill. A mill at this location was mentioned as early as 1311. In the 1920s, a residential area around De Vier Winden was created, which hampered the wind, to the dismay of the miller, who complained about this to the municipality, but without success. The mill was then sold and remained in use until 1957, after which the mill was sold to the then municipality of Monster. After some restorations, the mill has been in use on a voluntary basis since 1983. The most recent restoration dates from 2007. Three pairs of millstones are present in De Vier Winden, one of which is equipped with so-called "blue" stones; the rest with artificial stones.

The tiny shop on the ground floor of the mill is charming and will delight any baking enthusiast. 

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